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32 Channel Neurophysiology System

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A Simple, Adaptable System

System Components:

Get your lab up and running with this ideal, economical system.  With TDT you'll  never sacrifice functionality for price – each and every system is built with our sophisticated technology to serve your dynamic goals.  Acquire, process and analyze neural spikes with the RZ5D.  Use it to receive real-time updates from your behavioral control boxes and to control signals from stimulus isolators.  Our multi-modal PZ5-32  offers unparalleled dynamic range at an affordable price.  Rest assured, as your research changes your TDT system will grow with you – components are easily added and upgraded.

Generate acoustic, vibrotacticle, or vestibular stimulus waveforms

Control visual stimulus generators or olfactometers

Generate electrical microstimulation waveforms

Add Complete, Integrated Stimulus Production Capabilities

Integrated Auditory Stimulus Generation

To create two channels of high-fidelity, wide bandwidth, acoustic stimulation add the RZ6 and MF1.  This synchronized system extension is complete with programmable attenuation and transducers.


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