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RZ2 BioAmp Processor

Real-time processing and programmable control of PZ5 modes and digital filtering.

PZ5 NeuroDigitizer

Capture any potential and artifact without clipping with TDT's multi-modal PZ5.

ZIF-Clip® Headstages

Designed for zero insertion force connection to electrodes and adapters.

High-Density Cortical Arrays

Optimize Your Research


With a small site area of 4 millimeters squared, our High-Density Cortical Arrays offer low impedance signal capture and can be used for both electrical stimulation and recording paradigms.  Used with the TDT System 3 Software, researchers will now have a proven, real-time closed loop feedback system for spike detection and stimulation.


Customizable 3D Design Platform

Build your custom array with TDT's 3D Cortical Array design platform, an easy to use web based design interface.  Define your array size and tip angle then have the power to select electrode depth on a per electrode basis.  You now have the opportunity to choose between a fixed or flex electrode connector. Instantly preview every angle of your cortical array design with our 3D Array Explorer.

Define Individual Tip Lengths

TDT employs laser cut manufacturing for custom array lengths, with electrode depths up to 5 millimeters. Each wire is individually cut to length, so you can specify an array profile that matches the geometry of your target tissue.  Have the power to precisely target neural structures with the Cortical Array's optimized spacing.

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