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Electrodes: Microwire Arrays

Reliably Delivering the Microwire Electrodes You Depend On

Our manufacturing methods produce consistent, dependable and affordable arrays while maintaining the flexibility to build custom arrays to your specifications.


Research labs doing awake, behaving experiments and video tracking are now able achieve  the consistency of professionally manufactured probes without sacrificing the ability to customize  and designed to precise specs.

ZIF-Clip® Based Electrodes

Low profile connectors with laser-cut precision, built for TDT ZIF-Clip® headstages.

High Density Cortical Arrays

The latest TDT arrays for higher channel count recordings and with customizable 3D configurations.

ZIF-Clip® Microdrive

Zif-Clip Microdrive:  Increase Data Yield and Extend Experiment Longevity in your Chronic Recordings

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