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IZ2 Stimulator & LZ48 Battery Pack

An Integrated System for Closed Loop Control

Combined with the real-time processing capabilities of our RZ Processors, the IZ2 Stimulator allows you to setup dynamic closed-loop stimulation paradigms.  Vary the stimulation waveforms based on neural activity or try to induce brain-states by playing back previously recorded neural activity or activity currently occurring in another area of the brain.  The IZ2 is available in 32, 64 and 128 channel versions.  The IZ2H, a high current range version of the IZ2, is also available with 16 stimulus channels.

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Research Applications

  • Deep brain stimulation
  • Seizure disruption
  • Spike triggered stimulation

RZ2 BioAmp Processor

Real-time processing and programmable control of PZ5 modes and digital filtering.

Passive ZIF-Clip® Headstages

Digitize at the headstage utilizing an integrated amplifier chip to yield a low noise electrode recording interface.

ACO32 Commutator

A motorized commutator with built-in support for both neural recording and optogenetic stimulation.

Distinctive Performance Capabilities for Complex Stimuli

IZ2 Stimulator & LZ48 Battery Pack

The IZ2 can output either a voltage or current-controlled waveform and can deliver up to 300 μA per channel.  It can generate monophasic and biphasic pulses as well as arbitrary waveforms.  To stimulate higher currents utilize the IZ2’s high current mode.


High quality convertors provide over 80 dB of dynamic range from 30 nAmps to 300 microamps.  Converting digital waveforms into analog as part of a computer-controlled neural microstimulator system, the IZ2 delivers user-defined stimuli through multichannel electrodes.  A proven digital communication system optically isolates the electrical stimulator from the waveform generators to eliminate AC power surges and noise, ensuring superior safety and performance.


IZ2StimGen: Supported by SpikePac for Easy Visual Configuration

SpikePac is a powerful extension Gizmo for TDT’s Synapse software suite designed specifically for researchers doing multi-channel neural recordings.  TDT recently added IZ2StimGen, a stimulation interface to our SpikePac software.


The all new IZ2StimGen macro implements configuration and control of the IZ2 Stimulator.  It supports monophasic or biphasic pulse train stimulation with up to four stimulus configurations.  It features an easy to use interface for stimulus design, impedance checking, and real-time stimulus presentation through the IZ2 Control in OpenController.  Settings for the number of channels and stimulation mode (current or voltage) are defined on the Setup tab of the macro properties dialog box. These settings control unit values and channel count for the control set.

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