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Real-Time OS Processors

The Foundation of Every TDT System

Achieve precise submillisecond resolution across all channels, with TDT's zero-jitter, invariant real-time systems.  Program common research functions with our Synapse software or design your own custom real-time control sequence with RPvdsEx.  Each TDT processor provides:


  •     Invariant Real-time control
  •     Timing resolutions < 100 μsec
  •     Easily scalable performance and channel count
  •     Sample rates up to ~ 200 kHz


Compare Performance Specs

Do your experiments require awake, behaving subjects, optogenetics or video tracking?

Behavioral Research Processor >

RZ2 BioAmp Processor

Unprecedented DSP power for high channel density recordings.

RZ5 BioAmp Processor

Harness the power of programmable digital signal processing with an optimized communications interface. Consider our RZ5P: Fiber Photometry, for a versatile solution for real-time processing and simultaneous acquisition and stimulation.



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