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PZ4 Connection Manifold

High Quality, Fully Digital Signal Path

Our ZIF-Clip® digital headstages connect to our powerful recording systems via the PZ4 Connection Manifold.  This battery powered device maintains TDT’s battery powered isolation while maintaining an all-digital signal path.  The PZ4 passes signals back to the RZ based processing system via our standard noise immune isolating optical fibers.

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Research Applications

  • Awake behaving, freely moving subjects
  • High channel count recordings

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RZ2 BioAmp Processor

Real-time processing and programmable control of PZ5 modes and digital filtering.

ZIF-Clip® Digital Headstages

Digitize at the headstage utilizing an integrated amplifier chip to yield a low noise electrode recording interface.

ACO32 Commutator

A motorized commutator with built-in support for both neural recording and optogenetic stimulation.

The PZ4 Connection Manifold: Direct to Digital

The ZIF-Clip® digital headstages digitize directly at the headstage utilizing an integrated amplifier chip.  This yields a low noise electrode recording interface and then transmits a digital signal to the PZ4 Manifold. This makes the PZ4 an ideal fit for recording from awake behaving animals, such as rats and mice, where size and low wire count are critical.


The PZ4-4 supports connection of up to four ZIF-Clip® Digital Headstages with any channel count for a maximum of 256 channels. The device is powered by a built in rechargeable Li-Poly battery pack and offers 40 hours of operation between charges.

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