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Supports configurations 16 to 128 stimulus output channels

Unique stimulation patterns on each output channel

Options for micro and macro stimulation

Sample for sample time locking with recording

Low leakage current for high recording fidelity

Capable of delivering up to 300 µA


The IZ2 Stimulator

Our original battery powered, optically isolated stimulus isolator for micro and macro stimulation experiments. Deliver unique monophasic and biphasic pulse trains or arbitrary user-defined waveforms on each output channel.

The IZ2M Stimulator

Our mains powered version, featuring medical grade isolation and additional safety features for experiments where frequent battery changes are not desirable.  Add up to 128 channels of macro stimulation in this sleek rack mountable model.


Perfect for Closed Loop Experiments

Expand the capabilities of your neurophysiology system by integrating stimulus production capabilities.  The TDT IZ2 stimulators are used as a part of a programmable microstimulator system that delivers user-defined stimuli through multichannel electrodes. A proven digital communication system optically isolates the electrical stimulator from the waveform generators

to eliminate AC power surges and noise, ensuring superior safety and performance.

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