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Streamlined interface, check. Awesome automation, check. Simplified hardware integration, check. Can do anything you want in neurophysiology, check! Supported by a growing, laugh-riot video training library—well we did make some training videos, but come judge them for yourself at our listening station.

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Tiny technologies - making a big impact on your research

Microwires, microdrives, headstages, and adapters—these tiny technologies make a big impact on your research and they’ll all be available for a close-up view. This year’s biggest advance comes in the form of our new, compact, and lightweight digital ZIF-Clip® headstages with detachable cables.

Electrode Headstages >

Electrode Arrays >

For research into Optogenetics & Electrophysiology

RZ5P:  Purpose-built hardware and our next generation software combined into a dynamic, turnkey fiber photometry system.  Control up to four light drivers and record responses across two photosensors in one streamlined gizmo interface.   Unlock the potential of this emerging optogenetic technique today!

Fiber Photometry >

Emerging Researcher Competition

Congratulations Marcus Stephenson-Jones, PHD, from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Bo Li Lab


- Winner of TDT Emerging Researcher Competition, on winning a pre-paid equipment lease for one TDT 32-Channel Recording System.


Dr. Stephenson-Jones plans to use his TDT system to investigate behavior; specifically how certain circuits in the basal ganglia play a role in learning and decision-making.  The TDT system is well suited for his research as it will involve the integration of neurophysiology recording, behavioral protocols and optical control.


We look forward to see everyone again at SfN 2017 in Washington DC. Stay in touch with our Sales team to learn about more chances for  exclusive opportunities and other contest!

Pushing the Edge in High Channel Count Neurophysiology

When you need to record more channels to get the full picture, TDT product engineers have made it their mission to make sure you aren’t stopped by hardware limitations. Our fully integrated, scalable systems let you add as many channels as you need without giving up precision timing, complete electrical isolation for high fidelity recordings, or real-time signal processing.

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