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ZIF-Clip® Analog Headstage

Groundbreaking, Patented Design

TDT’s low insertion-force set of headstages support electrode arrays of up to 128 channels.  The patented ZIF-Clip® system features an innovative, hinged headstage design that ensures quick, easy connection with almost no insertion force applied to the subject. Choose between our 16, 32, 64, 96 and 128 channel versions.  An aluminum finish protects the sensitive electronics contained within the headstage and provides increased durability.  Also available as passive headstages for stimulation or with LEDs for video tracking applications.

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Research Applications

  •       Auditory neuroscience
  •       Awake behaving animals
  •       Electrophysiology
  •       EEG, EMG & ECoG
  •       High and low count neurophysiology

ACO32 Commutator

A 32 channel active commutator with built-in support for neural recording and optogenetic stimulation.

High-Density Cortical Arrays

Our newest arrays offer low impedance signal capture and can be used for both electrical stimulation and recording paradigms.

PZ5 NeuroDigitizer

Capture any potential and artifact without clipping with TDT's multi-modal PZ5.

ZIF-Clip® Analog Headstage

ZIF-Clip® headstages are designed for zero insertion force transition when connecting to electrodes or adapters. The form-factor automatically aligns the high density connectors on the headstage and probe. The miniature electronics contained within the headstage allow for high channel densities while maintaining an extremely compact structure.



ZIF-Clip® headstages are designed for TDT preamplifiers; however, adapters for other

amplifiers are available on request.

Solid Structure for Flexible Research

Ease of Connection with the ZIF-Clip® Headstage Holder

The ZIF-Clip® holder simplifies electrode insertion by securing your ZIF-Clip® headstage firmly, enabling use with most micromanipulators. Each holder uses a 3/32" diameter, 3" length rod and is designed for use with the specified ZIF-Clip® headstage dimension.

ZIF-Clip® Demonstration

Our long lasting, highly reliable headstages enable stress-free connection without anesthetizing the subject.  The headstage automatically aligns to the ZIF-Clip® connector, producing a firm lock between the headstage and probe.

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